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What is the Process?

Collaborate to implement a clear plan.

We work with firms that are motivated to lessen their environmental impact for more than just economic reasons.

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The first stage begins with our due diligence process. Through interviews, a survey and research, EcoInnovate assesses the firm’s corporate culture, processes, and communication strategies. This deep dive allows us to identify employees who are motivated to articulate and drive the needed changes. These people are assigned as EcoLeaders and EcoTeam members. Our research includes establishing baseline energy and resource use, factoring in business and employee growth over time.

arrow  EcoSummit to set the path

Our EcoSummit is a one-day interactive seminar that coordinates the efforts of the EcoTeams to build a greener workplace. brainpowerDuring the EcoSummit we encourage your staff to share ideas to best address workflow processes that can be altered to lessen your company’s carbon footprint. The goal of these summits is to produce an EcoMAP (measurable action plan) that will offer your EcoLeaders, your staff and your management a clear vision of the active steps to going green. Metrics associated with each green initiative, both before and after the implementation of the EcoMAP, demonstrate the impact of each goal.

arrow  Communication and accountability

EcoInnovate will provide an online project management platform to our clients throughout the process. The EcoMAP lasts six months, with 60, 120 and 180-day status reports to the Client Management team. We are continually building partnerships in the industry for our clients so that they can rely on us for vendor relationships outside of our realm.

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Upon successful completion of the six month EcoMAP, your firm receives an EcoInnovate, LLC Certification.


EcoInnovate employs a structured process to define and implement sustainability improvements for our clients.  We systematically build an action plan based on research and an interactive one-day summit with engaged employees of the client.  A clear plan to measure and assess the progress of the initiatives is clearly articulated to the teams involved.


The process designed by EcoInnovate to improve a firm’s sustainability can be implemented for other company initiatives. We offer consulting services that are not limited to environmental issues.


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EcoInnovate designs and works your team through a one-day experience customized for your organization. The goal of this workshop is to build a foundation that will enable selected EcoLeaders to share ideas, develop an EcoMAP (Measurable Action Plan), discuss potential obstacles and create a team that will energize your organization around your unique Eco goals. Our expert facilitators will work with your team to create energy and inspiration to make sustainability an integral part of your culture at work and the way you interact in the world.

EcoTeam, EcoLeaders

EcoInnovate leads you to a more sustainable office using your firm’s existing resources. One of the first steps we take is to implement a survey across your firm. The survey allows us to learn about your workflow processes and the results of any past green initiatives. The survey reveals your firm’s culture through the employees’ responses to questions that cover sustainability, habits and general corporate behaviors.

Using this information, we identify the key players who will become EcoLeaders at your firm. With the EcoLeaders, we build out the EcoTeams, and together we implement the EcoMAP.


The success of any green initiative is dependent upon a structured and transparent plan. We build a Measurable Action Plan, an EcoMAP, which clearly defines the roles of each person on an EcoTeam. Every goal that is developed during the EcoSummit is assigned to an EcoLeader.

EcoInnovate will provide an online project management platform to our clients throughout the process. This allows everyone involved, including firm management, to communicate efficiently, upload metrics, and track progress.

The EcoMAP timeline is six months, with 60, 120, and 180-day status reports to the client. Metrics associated with each green initiative, both before and after the implementation of the EcoMAP, demonstrate the impact of each goal.


Upon successful completion of the EcoMAP, your company receives EcoInnovate Certification.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is the interaction between human behavior and an organization. Small changes in people’s behavior and habits can have a large impact on any institution’s carbon footprint. We help cultivate ideas and passions discovered during our EcoSummit into new ways of thinking and operating that will lead your company to greater sustainability.

“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”  —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations